Showcase to celebrate ‘Art in the Open’ bringing contributors’ work to millions



on 2 July 2010

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase calls all artists to contribute to next version of Ubuntu

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu project, today announced its support for the Ubuntu Free Culture showcase. The showcase will offer artists, photographers, and musicians of every background the opportunity to have their work ship with Ubuntu 10.10, the popular Linux-based operating system available in October 2010.

'Art in the Open' will expose winning contributors' work to millions of users worldwide and is a demonstration of the energy, quality and power of the open culture.

“We are committed to the idea of 'Art in the Open' at Ubuntu,” said Ivanka Majic, head of design at Canonical. “The work we do in an open environment delivers the same quality as closed ones and we believe will be even more successful through tapping into this wide world of volunteer contribution.”

The Free Culture Showcase looks to reach beyond what is commonly perceived as the Open Source community. Artists and creatives who may never have been part of an open project before are encouraged to contribute. Winning work will be featured with the contributors' name and all work contributed will be covered by a Creative Commons license.

“We want graphic designers, musicians, photographers and creatives of every stripe to feel they have a place in the Ubuntu project,” continued Majic. “Very often without being employed by a vendor, they cannot meaningfully contribute to the tools they use or the OS they consume. With Ubuntu and Open source, we hope they realise that it is different and that that difference is important.”


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