Jumpstart Training with the Orange Box

Two full days of technical training, covering Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, Landscape, and OpenStack.

We are delighted to introduce a new delivery mechanism for Jumpstarts, leveraging the innovative Orange Box!  We’ll deliver an Orange Box to your office, and work with you for two days, learning the ins and outs of Ubuntu, MAAS, Juju, Landscape, and OpenStack, safely within the confines of an Orange Box and without disrupting your production networks.  You get to keep the box for 2 weeks and carry out your own testing, experimentation, and exploration of Ubuntu’s rich ecosystem of cloud tools.  We will join you again, a couple of weeks later, to review what you learned and discuss scaling these tools into your own datacentre, onto your own enterprise hardware.

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Dustin Kirkland is Cloud Product Manager.

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