Canonical welcomes Brightbox to its Certified Public Cloud Programme as first European partner



on 16 July 2014

Tags: cloud, CPC

Launching applications and workloads in the cloud should be a seamless experience – this is the aim of our Certified Public Cloud programme. So we are very excited today to welcome Brightbox as the programme’s newest partner and our very first European cloud partner.

Brightbox is a great match for us, with their strong reputation for ease of use and a loyal following amongst developers and devops practitioners alike. Brightbox was the first cloud provider to implement auto-registration of new Ubuntu cloud images, meaning that new versions of Ubuntu are available within minutes of being officially released by Canonical.

Jeremy Jarvis, Co-founder at Brightbox comments: “We’re big fans of Ubuntu and have a lot in common with Canonical, not least our mutual focus on user experience. Becoming certified by Canonical assures customers that they will receive the best Ubuntu experience at Brightbox.”

Ubuntu is ubiquitous in public cloud

Ubuntu workloads make up 70% of guests running on leading public clouds. Thanks to its security, reliability, performance and suitability for developing and deploying scale out applications, Ubuntu is by far the most popular cloud operating system. Ubuntu certified images are already available on partner clouds like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Joyent and IBM Smartcloud through our Certified Public Cloud (CPC) partnership with vendors.

The Certified Public Cloud programme enables public cloud providers to provide an optimised, certified Ubuntu image to offer on their platforms and includes options for Canonical support agreements for end users. It also brings the Landscape management tool to public cloud customers in a seamlessly integrated offering. It’s a complete package which provides a consistent, reliable Ubuntu experience to public cloud users. It aims to help providers attract and retain customers by delivering a standardised, high-quality Ubuntu experience.

As companies deploy their mission-critical applications to the cloud, a consistent Ubuntu end-user experience whether in their data centre, a private cloud or in public clouds is essential. As Canonical’s first European based CPC partner, Brightbox can give customers full assurance that the Ubuntu they trust to run their business workloads is consistent, perfectly tuned, fully secure and eligible for support and management services direct from Canonical.

If you’re based in Europe, I’d really encourage you to check out Brightbox – signing up takes two or three minutes and you can boot up an Ubuntu server in less than 30 seconds!

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