Ninja Blocks



on 17 February 2015

Ninja Blocks is building the future of smart home control with open source software and visionary technology.  The new Ninja Sphere connects all of the devices in your home and brings the intelligence to make them work together. With gesture control and an LED matrix display, the Ubuntu powered device allows for intuitive physical interaction with your entire sphere of smart sensors and connected objects from a single place; or anywhere for that matter with our Android and iOS apps.

The Ubuntu Snappy Core carrier grade architecture will allow Ninja Blocks to build a commercially available, rock solid, device that can be trusted to keep tabs on the things most important to a user and their families. At the same time, its container approach for applications makes it possible to install the apps you want to make your home magical, while having inherent control over where and what data those apps have access to.

Serial crowdfunding success story Ninja Blocks, makers of the open Ninja Sphere smart controller are launching a home app platform and store based on Ubuntu Core and Snappy applications.

Ninja Blocks

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