How the M10 tablet can save you luggage space

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Heading away for the summer? Looking to fit as much in your suitcase as possible?

Well…we have a solution! We didn’t design the M10 tablet to be as light as possible but that’s one of the advantages. The M10 is so versatile that it goes beyond just being your tablet – by connecting it to a bluetooth mouse and keyboard it can double-up as your laptop. This saves your from having to carry a heavier laptop around with you on your travels!

We’ve calculated that the M10 vs the average laptop and it’s accessories saves you approximately 1.5kg! Imagine all the extra items you could take with you in your suitcase with that much of a saving! And in fact, that’s what we’d like to know…

What would you take with you on holiday if you had 1.5kg of extra space in your luggage?

Let us know by tweeting crazy, insightful, real life answers with the hashtag #TravelLight and we’re open to photos, videos, GIFs, the works…

The most imaginative 2x answers wins an M10 tablet and the next best 5x wins a bluetooth speaker! The competition is open worldwide and runs from 4th – 18th August, where we’ll announce winners on the 19th August. Happy tweeting!

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And for those in the know, here’s how we calculated the weight…

M10 set-up
M10 tablet = 470g
Charger = 50g
Keyboard = 821g (
Mouse = 77g (
Total: 1418

Average laptop set-up
Laptop = 2.7kg (
Charger = 272g (
Total: 2972

Saving approximately 1.5Kg! (1.554)

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