Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes: Development Summary (9/7/2017)

This article originally appeared on Tim Van Steenburgh’s blog

September 1st concluded our most recent development sprint on the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK). Here are some highlights:

Canal Bundle

Our new Canal bundle is available for testing. We’ve been fixing a few issuesand expect to release the Canal bundle to the stable channel tomorrow.

If you need network policy support in your cluster, take it for a test drive on AWS with:

juju deploy cs:~containers/canonical-kubernetes-canal --channel edge

Once deployed, you can test network policy support by following the instructions on the Calico website.

RBAC and s390x

Our main focus was on finishing the Calico/Canal support, but progress continues on RBAC and s390x. We added a bunch of new tests for RBAC, and are working on building/publishing the last few pieces we need for an s390x cluster (nginx-ingress-controller image and an e2e snap).


We tested and released our latest round of charm bug fixes along with snaps for the 1.7.4 upstream binaries. If you were already on 1.7.0, you got upgraded automatically, and 1.7.4 is the new default for new clusters.

If you’d like to follow along more closely with CDK development, you can do so in the following places:

If you’re interested in hacking on CDK, be sure to check out the latest blogby our friend Kos!

Until next time!

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