Security Team Weekly Summary: September 7, 2017

The Security Team weekly reports are intended to be very short summaries of the Security Team’s weekly activities.

If you would like to reach the Security Team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-hardened channel on FreeNode. Alternatively, you can mail the Ubuntu Hardened mailing list at:

During the last week, the Ubuntu Security team:

  • Triaged 201 public security vulnerability reports, retaining the 59 that applied to Ubuntu.
  • Published 9 Ubuntu Security Notices which fixed 18 security issues (CVEs) across 11 supported packages.

Ubuntu Security Notices

Bug Triage

Mainline Inclusion Requests

Updates to Community Supported Packages

  • Gianfranco Costamagna provided a debdiff for xenial for check-all-the-things (LP: #1597245)


  • Lots of snapd reviews: PR 3720 (solus), PR 3398 (XDG_ATA_DIRS for wayland), PR 3617 (big udev update), PR 3814 (opengl updates), PR 3812 (bluez interface on classic)
  • snapd PR 3826 for iio
  • follow-ups on PR 3805 (username/group instead of uid/gid)
  • lots of review/discussion surrounding PR 3621 (snap-confine calling snap-update-ns)
  • triage/fix snap-seccop testsuite failures on armhf and arm64
  • begin investigation of snapd device cgroup regression

What the Security Team is Reading This Week

Weekly Meeting

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