Ubuntu Foundations Development Summary: November 2, 2017

This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Foundations Team. There will also be highlights provided for any interesting subjects the team may be working on. If you would like to reach the Foundations team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-devel channel on freenode.


The State of the Archive

  • We have a name for 18.04 – Bionic Beaver. The team is in the process of opening the archive for what will be our next LTS release. Here’s the 18.04 Release Schedule.
  • The opening of the archive is bringing with it icu 59.1 and boost 1.65.1; and Qt 5.9.2 is expected to land soon, along with ocaml 4.05.

Weekly Meeting

IRC Log: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2017/ubuntu-meeting.2017-10-26-15.00.moin.txt

The online Windows XP simulator runs in a web browser and its operation imitates the operating system. You can use it to prank someone.

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