Enterprise Developers can’t miss the NY Open Source IoT Summit

12 November 2015
11 Times Square 6th floor, 6501a, New York, NYC 10036
Microsoft's New York Conference Center


Hearing a lot about IoT lately? Want to learn everything from home automation to Industrial IoT? Want to try enterprise IoT solutions yourself? The Open Source IoT Summit is about open source IoT and Azure IoT solutions that anybody can use. Join Microsoft, Ubuntu/Canonical and Dataart to learn all about it and jointly start creating IoT solutions…


  • How to create and package enterprise IoT apps
  • Monetizing IoT and selling IoT apps through IoT app stores
  • IoT security
  • Easily supporting different IoT standards
  • How to connect IoT devices to the cloud and use Azure IoT services
  • Open source tools to easily write and package IoT apps in any language
  • Learn about DeviceHive, the open source IoT platform that greatly accelerates your IoT product development
  • How to automatically test changes and roll them out securely in production
  • Sample Industrial IoT solutions like open source predictive maintenance

Bring your laptop, some IoT boards/toys/sensors and let’s start making great IoT solutions…


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Maarten Ectors is responsible at Canonical for Internet of Things, the next-generation of networking and cloud solutions that are in proximity of the user or at the edges of the network. Previously he was strategy director for cloud, big data and IoT. Maarten reports to Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical.

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