Openstack Ops Midcycle Meetup

15-16 March 2017
Milan, Italy
Coworking Login 28 Via Privata Stefanardo da Vimercate 20128 Milano

The OpenStack Ops Mid-Cycle Meetup is a forum for people who are currently running OpenStack clouds to congregate, swap best practices, share ideas and give feedback. The format will primarily consist of round table / working groups / discussion sessions, with only a small number of presentations. The event has the following goals:

  • Gather feedback on the issues that come up in running OpenStack and work to communicate this throughout the community
  • Create a forum in which to share best practices and architectures between interested parties
  • Increase constructive, proactive involvement from those running clouds

Canonical representatives will be attending this event.

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Tom Callway is Director of Cloud Marketing at Canonical with specific responsibility for field marketing. He has been working for high growth, B2B technology start-­ups for over ten years. Before joining Canonical in 2014 Tom ran the marketing team at MariaDB, an open source database vendor. Tom lives in Twickenham, UK with his wife Rosie, two children and miniture Schnauzer.

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