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Cloud and server

LXD Weekly Status #24: LXD 2.20

By Stéphane Graber on 20 November 2017

The highlight of this week was the release of LXD 2.20 which introduces a number of exciting new features. LXD 2.20 should now be available everywhere through both native packages and snap. We also started the process of deprecating the…

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LXD Weekly Status #23

By Stéphane Graber on 13 November 2017

Introduction The main focus this past week has been on merging a pretty large refactoring branch on top of LXD. This moves a lot of code around to make it more testable and easier to plug in a new database implementation in preparation for…

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LXD Weekly Status #22

By Stéphane Graber on 6 November 2017

Introduction Another pretty quiet week for LXD as we keep working on a number of larger features that aren’t ready to land yet. Now that the Ubuntu 18.04 development release is open for contributions, we’re pushing LXD 2.19,…

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Heptio Contour on the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

By Konstantinos Tsakalozos on 1 November 2017

I read the Hacker News post Heptio Contour and I thought “Cool! A project from our friends at Heptio, lets see what they got for us”. I wont lie to you, at first I was…

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LXD Weekly Status #21: Console Attach, Distribution Work, & More

By Stéphane Graber on 30 October 2017

Introduction Last week @brauner and @stgraber were traveling to Prague for the Open Source Summit Europe. We got the opportunity to talk about LXD, system containers and various bits of ongoing kernel work as well as meet with a number of…

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LXD Weekly Status #20: Authentication, Conferences & More

By Stéphane Graber on 23 October 2017

Introduction This week was busy with stable releases. All in all, we released: LXD 2.19 (feature release) LXC 1.0.11 (bugfix release) LXC 2.0.9 (bugfix release) LXC 2.1.1 (bugfix release) LXCFS 2.0.8 (bugfix release) LXD 2.0.11 (bugfix…

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LXD Weekly Status #19

By Stéphane Graber on 16 October 2017

Introduction This past week, part of the team was back in New York for more planning meetings, getting the details of the next 6 months, including LXC, LXD and LXCFS 3.0 fleshed out. The rest of the team made good progress on some smaller…

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Private Docker Registries and the Canonical Distribution of Kubernetes

By Tim Van Steenburgh on 11 October 2017

This originally appeared on Tim Van Steenburgh’s blog How do I use a private image registry with my Kubernetes cluster? How do I set up my own registry? Let’s look at how to perform these tasks on the Canonical Distribution of…

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Why containers and automation are essential in a world being eaten by software

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 31 August 2017

Sign up for our new webinar on containers and automation, to understand the challenges that increasingly complex software brings and how to achieve economically sustainable operations.  

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Ceph storage driver in LXD

By Christian Brauner on 30 August 2017

This article originally appeared in Christian Brauner’s blog Even before LXD gained its new powerful storage API that allows LXD to administer multiple storage pools, one frequent request was to extend the range of available storage…