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Webinar: 10-step plan to rollout Cloud devops

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 5 October 2017

Sign up for our new webinar about the 10 steps you need to take to roll-out Cloud devops. Join us to learn about the benefits of hybrid cloud and how to deal with the technical and operational pitfalls involved in migrating to native cloud.

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Pentaho users explore the future of DevOps and Big Data with Juju

By Guest on 4 September 2016

This quarter’s PLUG (Pentaho London User Group) headed to Canonical’s head office which is nicely located just behind the Tate Modern in London. I must admit I don’t know much about what they do, but a bit of research later and…

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Conducting Systems & Services: An Evening About Orchestration

By Jorge O. Castro on 31 July 2015

Orchestration of containers is one of the hottest topics in devops. Prior to Dockercon this year we thought it would be a great idea to bring in some of the thought leaders in this area and have a discussion of the challenges that face…

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Universal Modeling Language for Service-Oriented Architectures: Part 1

By Samuel Cozannet on 6 May 2015

Over the last 20 years, applications have moved from a monolithic mainframe perspective to a scale out vision. However, during this time the representation of applications hasn’t changed that much. This has led to major inefficiencies in…

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Expediting local isolation with Docker and Juju

By Charles Butler on 16 April 2015

As a Juju charmer, I often find myself irate at the level of dependencies I’m installing on my workstation just to review OPC (Other Peoples Code). Though there are usually systems to isolate these dependencies like virtualenv and…

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Cloud Magic – See the Juju Demo on IBM POWER8

By John Dolen on 13 August 2014

IBM recently posted “Cloud Magic! Ubuntu on IBM Power Systems with POWER8”, a video clip of the very first live demo of Ubuntu on POWER8 (with Little Endian mode). Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, provided this demo…