Internet of Things

IoT Builders webinar series – 2016 recap!

By Amrisha Prashar on 9 December 2016

With it nearing the end of the year we thought we’d take this opportunity to recap on all the ‘IoT builders’ webinar series we’ve hosted in 2016. The series looks at those making a difference in the world of IoT…


Jamming with Ubuntu Core

By April Wang on 7 December 2016

We celebrated the launch of Ubuntu Core 16 hackathon, or shall we say Snapathon, that took place in Shenzhen between 26-27th November. The 30+ hour gathering and coding session was attended by developers, makers and anyone that was…

Internet of Things

Pycom and Canonical to enable LPWAN communications via snaps

By Maarten Ectors on 25 November 2016

Pycom is the company behind the disruptive products such as the LoPy and SiPy which enable developers to easily get LoRa and Sigfox low-power WAN (LPWAN) communication happening. Their latest product, the FiPy combines LoRa, Sigfox and…

Internet of Things

How to create snap packages on Qt applications

By Guest on 17 November 2016

This is a guest post by Software engineers Tim Peeters and Timo Jyrinki at Canonical. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact Introduction One of the advantages of snap packages is that…

Internet of Things

How to use snaps when collecting IoT data with Predix Time Series

By Guest on 9 November 2016

This is a guest post by Ilya Drabenia, a Technical Lead at Altoros. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact Snaps, designed by Canonical, are intended for packaging applications and their…

Internet of Things

Ubuntu IoT vertical pages

By Amrisha Prashar on 3 November 2016

Ubuntu has long been used across various areas of IoT: robotics, digital signage and edge gateways. To celebrate this presence we’ve built dedicated pages showcasing how Ubuntu has been powering smart IoT. The pages bring to life our…

Internet of Things

Ubuntu Core 16 delivers foundation for secure IoT

By Canonical on 3 November 2016

    Regular and reliable updates address security issues in IoT devices Snap confinement ensures applications are trusted only with necessary data Meets industry and regulatory requirements for updates, operations and security…

Internet of Things

azeti using Ubuntu Core for process automation in Industrial IoT

By Amrisha Prashar on 3 November 2016

Do you require IoT technologies to be running smoothly 24 hours a day? Can you not afford mission critical scenarios? Azeti, a provider of IoT technologies take these situations seriously and as a result have chosen Ubuntu core to provide…

Canonical announcements

Canonical releases Ubuntu 16.10

By Canonical on 13 October 2016

Ubuntu 16.10 released with Hybrid Cloud Operations and Unity 8 developer preview, from Canonical MAAS 2.0 delivers robust, highly-available IPAM and bare-metal provisioning Hybrid cloud operations with Juju 2.0 Developer preview of Unity 8…

Cloud and server

Software defined networking is critical in big software

By Canonical on 5 October 2016

The promise of Software Defined Networking (SDN) is to help an organization’s network to be more agile, streamlined, and adaptable. Today’s networks are growing in both size and complexity. SDN allows network engineers to automate the…

Internet of Things

I took a circular saw to the Nextcloud box and you won’t believe…

By Victor Tuson Palau on 29 September 2016

…what happened next! Ok, ok.. sorry for the click-bait headline – but It is mainly true. I recently got a Nextcloud box , it was pretty easy to set up and here are some great instructions. But this box is not just a Nextcloud box, it…

Internet of Things

Nextcloud Box – a private cloud and IoT solution for home users

By Thibaut Rouffineau on 16 September 2016

Companies launch Raspberry Pi-based device to enable consumers greater control over their data Stuttgart, Germany – September 16, 2016 – Nextcloud, Canonical and WDLabs, are today launching the Nextcloud Box, a secure, private, self-hosted…