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A New Research Cloud on Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical on 20 June 2016

If you’re starting from almost scratch, and – where many people are – you don’t have any skill, you don’t have any training, you don’t have much of an idea of what you want to do, Then [BootStack] is a very good place to start.…

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LXD 2.0: LXD and Juju [10/12]

By Stéphane Graber on 8 June 2016

Juju is Canonical’s service modeling and deployment tool. It supports a very wide range of cloud providers to make it easy for you to deploy any service you want on any cloud you want. On top of that, Juju 2.0 also includes…

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Using containers to create the world’s fastest OpenStack

By Dustin Kirkland on 10 May 2016

Below you can find the audio/video recording of my OpenStack Austin presentation, where I demonstrated Ubuntu OpenStack Mitaka, running on top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, entirely within LXD machine containers.  You can also download the PDF…

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What’s possible with Ubuntu on Mainframe?

By matt-c-irvine on 5 May 2016

IBM Systems Magazine Webinar “Discover the Cloud and Scale Out World of Ubuntu”held on 27 April 2016 Recently announced support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on IBM LinuxONE and z Systems has created a paradigm shift in a world that…

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LXD 2.0: Live migration [9/12]

By Stéphane Graber on 25 April 2016

This is the ninth blog post in this series about LXD 2.0.

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Canonical unveils 6th LTS release of Ubuntu with 16.04

By Canonical on 20 April 2016

Introduces “snaps” for new robust, secure app format Introduces LXD pure-container hypervisor with OpenStack Mitaka Supports IBM Z and LinuxONE systems with flat pricing Steps towards converged Ubuntu across IOT, Phone, Desktop and Server…

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Mesosphere announce open source project backed by Canonical

By John Zannos on 19 April 2016

Today Mesosphere announced the open source release of the DC/OS (Datacenter Operating System) Project, backed by dozens of partners including Canonical. DC/OS supplies an operating system model for the datacenter building on the Apache…

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Directly interacting with the LXD API

By Stéphane Graber on 19 April 2016

The next post in the LXD series is currently blocked on a pending kernel fix, so I figured I’d do an out of series post on how to use the LXD API…

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LXD 2.0: LXD in LXD [8/12]

By Stéphane Graber on 15 April 2016

This is the eighth blog post in this series about LXD 2.0.

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LXD 2.0: Docker in LXD [7/12]

By Stéphane Graber on 13 April 2016

This is the seventh blog post in this series about LXD 2.0.

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Nova-LXD delivers bare-metal performance on OpenStack, while Ironic delivers NSA-as-a-Service

By Mark Shuttleworth on 13 April 2016

With the release of LXC 2.0 and LXD, we now have a pure-container hypervisor that delivers bare-metal performance with a standard Linux guest OS experience. Very low latency, very high density, and very high control of specific in-guest…