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Chef and Canonical; an automation story (with a bare metal soundtrack)

By Canonical on 14 April 2015

Every business needs to spend fewer calories on IT management and are looking to automation and cloud-ready platforms to do so. Combining Chef’s scale and flexibility with Ubuntu’s tremendous Linux platform empowers users to easily manage…

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MAAS 1.9 network layouts for the Landscape Autopilot

By Andreas Hasenack on 10 April 2015

Thanks for your interest in Ubuntu OpenStack. Canonical has sunsetted OpenStack Autopilot and replaced it with conjure-up. We welcome you to visit our OpenStack product page to find an Ubuntu OpenStack solution that meets your needs.…

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FortyCloud joins Canonical’s growing Charm Partner Programme

By Canonical on 9 April 2015

FortyCloud, a pioneer in network Security ­as ­a ­Service for the cloud, is the most recent member to join Canonical’s growing charm ecosystem. Canonical’s Charm Partner Programme helps solution providers make best use of Canonical’s cloud…

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Fairbanks joins Cloud Partner Program

By Canonical on 19 March 2015

Dutch OpenStack experts, Fairbanks, is the latest organisation to join Canonical’s Cloud Partner Program. Fairbanks becomes another company in Canonical’s ranks of expert partners across Europe focused on reselling Canonical’s business…

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Making OpenStack Easy: QCT joins Ubuntu Cloud Partner Programme

By Canonical on 10 March 2015

Canonical is pleased to announce the addition of QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), a leading global datacenter solution provider, to its Ubuntu Cloud Partner Programme. This extensive partnership includes QCT hardware certification on the…

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New Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals training sessions available

By Cezzaine Zaher on 20 February 2015

Coming up: training course in Utrecht, Netherlands We are pleased to announce availability of the Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training programme – designed for companies that have decided to use OpenStack, the world’s most powerful…

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Datacentres in Containers, and Containers in Datacentres

By Jorge O. Castro on 28 January 2015

From months to one week: How IIJ is shipping OpenStack Clouds quicker with MAAS and Juju Technologies that enable companies to move quickly in the cloud are continuing to gain traction. When we heard that the Internet Initiative Japan…

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MAAS 1.7: one MAAS, multiple operating systems

By Canonical on 20 November 2014

A few weeks ago, we released Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for servers and cloud, which included a beta version of Metal-As-A-Service (MAAS) 1.7. Today, we are delighted to release this version for general availability. The flagship new feature is that…

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Bare-metal magic at the Open Compute Summit

By Canonical on 14 November 2014

In the week before the OpenStack Summit, Mark Shuttleworth was a keynote speaker at the Open Compute Summit (OCP) in Paris. Mark gave an overview of the evolution of bare-metal systems, especially in the context of scale-out workloads. The…

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Introducing the Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack

By Canonical on 28 October 2014

The Canonical Distribution of Ubuntu OpenStack is the easiest way to create reference OpenStack clouds in minutes with full management, monitoring and scaling Will provide automated upgrades from today’s OpenStack Juno to future releases…

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Ubuntu OpenStack reference implementation

By Canonical on 9 October 2014

OpenStack is the leading open cloud platform. Ubuntu is the reference operating system for the OpenStack project, which is why deploying OpenStack with Ubuntu is the best way to ensure a straightforward implementation. Ubuntu OpenStack…

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Instant Big Data and other solutions

By Maarten Ectors on 3 September 2014

For each new technology that becomes trendy you can buy a book with an animal on the cover. The first chapters will guide you through installing, integrating and scaling the new technology. This was fine when software was just a couple of…