Netplan by default in 17.10

By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 10 July 2017

Recently, I uploaded an updated nplan package (version 0.24) to change its Priority: field to important, as well as an update of ubuntu-meta (following a seeds update), to replace ifupdown with nplan in the minimal seed. What this means…

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Cloud and server

Network management with LXD (2.3+)

By Stéphane Graber on 14 February 2017

Introduction When LXD 2.0 shipped with Ubuntu 16.04, LXD networking was pretty simple. You could either use that “lxdbr0” bridge that “lxd init” would have you configure, provide your own or just use an existing…

Cloud and server

Managing your physical infrastructure from the top of rack switch

By Canonical on 21 October 2016

At the last OpenStack Design Summit in Austin, TX we showed you a preview of deploying your physical server and network infrastructure from the top-of-rack switch, which included OpenStack with your choice of SDN solution. This was made…

Cloud and server

Nodes Networking: Deploying OpenStack on MAAS 1.9+ with Juju

By Canonical on 31 January 2016

This is part 4 of my ongoing “Deploying OpenStack on MAAS 1.9+ with Juju” series. The last post, MAAS Setup: Deploying OpenStack on MAAS 1.9+ with Juju, described the steps to deploy MAAS 1.9 itself and configure…

Cloud and server

NFV does not equal Hypervisor

By Maarten Ectors on 20 January 2016

Summary: This blog post will explain why network equipment providers are incorrectly investing in hypervisors to provide network function virtualisation and why Intel bought Altera. The answer is networking. Until recently switches,…

Cloud and server

AT&T selects Ubuntu for cloud and enterprise applications

By Canonical on 13 January 2016

AT&T has selected Canonical to be part of its effort to drive innovation in the network and cloud. Canonical will provide the Ubuntu OS and engineering support for AT&T’s cloud, network and enterprise applications. AT&T chose…

Cloud and server

6WIND Partners with Canonical to Accelerate Ubuntu Cloud Networking

By Canonical on 2 December 2015

6WIND to Integrate Virtual Accelerator with Juju 6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced it will work with Canonical to help customers accelerate cloud networking on Ubuntu. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator™ has…

Cloud and server
Cloud and server

The Fan overlay network for container addresses, from Canonical

By Dustin Kirkland on 22 June 2015

Today, Canonical introduces the Fan overlay network system in Ubuntu in test images for Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine, delivering the fastest and most scalable address expansion mechanism in the container world. The Fan…

Cloud and server

IoT World: Snappy for Whitebox Switches

By Tom Callway on 13 May 2015

Canonical announces snappy switches with Ubuntu Core and network function apps Penguin Computing the first to ship network switches with snappy Ubuntu Core Canonical today announces the availability of ‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core on whitebox and…