Cloud and server

What’s new in Ubuntu 15.10: cloud and server?

By Canonical on 22 October 2015

General availability of Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot, the fastest and easiest way to build an Ubuntu OpenStack cloud LXD machine containers: a pure container hypervisor hosting Ubuntu, CentOS and other Linux guests Tech Preview: nova-…


Ubuntu 15.04: Desktop, Phone and IoT; towards a converged future

By Canonical on 21 April 2015

Ubuntu 15.04 desktop extends leadership of developer experience Snappy Ubuntu Core on general availability for the first time New developer tools allow immediate and constant access to latest updates London – 21 April, 2015. Ubuntu…

Cloud and server

A year in the Cloud

By Canonical on 9 January 2015

The Ubuntu Cloud Zeitgeist: a year in retrospective The new year is a perfect occasion to reflect on the road we just covered and how far we have come just in this past year. We opened 2014 shipping the new Ubuntu Server 14.04 on April 17,…

Cloud and server

Ubuntu 14.10 delivers leading scale-out cloud technology

By Canonical on 23 October 2014

Ubuntu 14.10 for cloud and servers is available for download; includes industry-leading, secure bare-metal LXC containers, multi-OS provisioning, and solutions for OpenStack, big data and Cloud Foundry as well as Docker 1.2 Scale-out…