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Ubuntu SDK meets snapcraft

By Benjamin Zeller on 28 November 2016

Everyone who has followed Ubuntu lately for sure stumbled across the snappy technology, which does not only bring the new cross-distro packaging format “snap” but also a sandboxing technology for apps, as well as transactional updates that…

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Making your snaps available to the store using snapcraft

By Sergio Schvezov on 15 November 2016

Now that Ubuntu Core has been officially released, it might be a good time to get your snaps into the Store! Delivery and Store Concepts So let’s start with a refresher on what we have available on the Store side to manage your snaps.…

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Snapping Cuberite

By Guest on 27 October 2016

This is a guest post by James Tait, Software Engineer at Canonical. If you would like to contribute a guest post, please contact I’m a father of two pre-teens, and like many kids their age (and many adults, for…

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The new Ubuntu Core 16 beta image is out!

By didrocks on 7 October 2016

The Snappy team is happy to announce the Feature Freeze of Ubuntu Core 16, which means all the major features planned for the stable series 16 image have landed, and the upcoming weeks will consist exclusively of stabilization and…

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Learning to snap with codelabs

By Canonical on 28 September 2016

I always felt that learning something new, especially new concepts and workflows usually works best if you see it first-hand and get to do things yourself. If you experience directly how your actions influence the system you’re…

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10 Desktop snaps written in August

By Didier Roche on 7 September 2016

More and more snaps are being created monthly! For those that may not know, Snaps are a new way for developers to package their apps, bringing with it many advantages over the more traditional package formats such as .deb, .rpm, and…


Contributing to the world of snaps

By Canonical on 7 July 2016

Zygmunt Krynicki wrote about the availability of bite-sized bugs for the snapd project. I took this as an opportunity to go through the snapcraft bugs…

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Snapcraft 2.12: an ecosystem of parts, qmake and gulp

By Canonical on 29 June 2016

Snapcraft 2.12 is here and is making its way to your 16.04 machines today. This release takes Snapcraft to a whole new level. For example, instead of defining your own project parts, you can now use and share them from a common,…

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HOWTO: Classic, apt-based Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server on the rpi2!

By Dustin Kirkland on 20 June 2016

Classic Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, on an rpi2Hopefully by now you’re well aware of Ubuntu Core — the snappiest way to run Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi…But have you ever wanted to run classic (apt/deb) Ubuntu Server on a…

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Running snaps in LXD containers

By Stéphane Graber on 16 February 2016

Introduction The LXD and AppArmor teams have been working to support loading AppArmor policies inside LXD containers for a while. This support which finally landed in the latest Ubuntu kernels now makes it possible to install snap…