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Ubuntu and Startups are a match made in code

By Amrisha Prashar on 3 March 2016

We’ve just come back from an awesome MWC! Not only did we showcase new tablets, phones and developments in Cloud, but we had a whole wall dedicated to IoT established companies and startups using Ubuntu Core. Our partner startups ranged…

Internet of Things

Canonical to offer powerful ARM 64-bit IoT developer environment

By Canonical on 24 February 2016

  Today, Canonical announced that it will create an ARM 64 developer environment based on Ubuntu Core and on the DragonBoard™ 410c by Arrow Electronics, which features the 64-bit Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 quad-core processor, a…

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Mobile World Congress 2016, Day 1 Recap

By Canonical on 23 February 2016

Bhaskar Gorti, President, Applications and Analytics at Nokia discusses Service Modeling and NFV deploymentThis is my first Mobile World Congress (MWC), and I have to say, the event is truly huge. Canonical is here demonstrating converged…

Internet of Things

Canonical and Samsung demonstrate Ubuntu Core on SAMSUNG ARTIK™

By Canonical on 18 February 2016

‘snappy’ Ubuntu Core ported to SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform, running sample applications Best of breed security critical for IoT Canonical today announced that it has joined the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ IoT ecosystem to enable faster development and…


MagicStick and Ubuntu Core, redefining the PC on stick experience

By Thibaut Rouffineau on 17 November 2015

MagicStick™ has had a highly successful campaign on Indiegogo for their affordable yet super powerful PC on a stick already reaching 7.5 times its funding objective. They’re now going further by offering Ubuntu Core on MagicStick™ as a way…

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Eclipse’con Europe 2015 : Agile embedded development!

By Thibaut Rouffineau on 12 November 2015

Last week was Eclipse’con Europe, the yearly Eclipse Foundation European conference. Eclipse’con has taken place in Ludwigsburg, Germany for the last 10 years… and what a difference these years have made in the world of both embedded…

Internet of Things

#InternetOfToys – let the toy battles begin

By Maarten Ectors on 30 October 2015

Wouldn’t it be great to play with toys and get paid for it? If this sounds like music to your ears, then this blog post is for you. If you are a business person who thinks toys are just child’s play, then you should read on as well! It’s…

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OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Day Three

By Canonical on 30 October 2015

Mark Shuttleworth talks about why we build tools like OpenStack, its new features and how it is evolving for everyone. Day three of the summit didn’t feature highlighted keynote sessions like days one and two. But it did have an entire…

Internet of Things

Snappy Core unlocks IoT value within the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series

By Canonical on 21 October 2015

Yesterday marked the launch of the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, a purpose-built IoT gateway designed to work in the most extreme conditions and to enable customers to perform analytics on the edge of the network; pre-transmitting them to…

Internet of Things

PiGlow API: one small snap for humanity…

By Maarten Ectors on 16 October 2015

Victor Palau created a very nice blog post around the PiGlow. With his permission we are reproducing it here. My first steps into snappifying, I have publish a RestApi for PiGlow (glowapi 0.1.2). I though it might be a good first step and…

Internet of Things

Canonical launches new ‘#InternetOfToys’ initiative with partners

By Maarten Ectors on 2 October 2015

IoT World: Hybrid, Erle and Canonical combine to commercialize IoT dev ROSCon: Canonical demonstrates power of apps on robots; shows Erle Spider Mark Shuttleworth keynote at ROSCon: secrets to ROS success   Canonical is taking its…

Internet of Things

Crowdsourcing the #AppEnabledHome: GE, FirstBuild and Canonical

By Maarten Ectors on 22 September 2015

  IoT is changing the home. Soon you will have apps and app stores on any type of home appliance. Earlier this year, GE’s FirstBuild brought to market the first app-enabled fridge. However, before IoT in the home can be mass market…