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Cloud Chatter- December 2016

By James Donner on 21 December 2016

Welcome to our final cloud news round-up for 2016. In this issue, you’ll find details of our upcoming OpenStack and Containers office hours sessions and you can take a look at our latest webinar exploring OpenStack clouds on hyperconverged…

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Juju Charmer Summit: Designing For Success

By James Donner on 20 November 2015

In our next video, watch Marco Ceppi, a prolific Juju Charmer, deliver a follow-up to Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote. This one is entitled “Designing For Success.” This talk provides a comprehensive introduction to the pieces that make Juju…

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5 Reasons why you should learn OpenStack

By Arturo Suarez on 1 September 2015

After the remarkable success of the recent OpenStack days in Taiwan, Seattle and Silicon Valley (Benelux is next, September 17th), and as we head towards the next OpenStack Design Summit in Tokyo, I feel it is a great time to give you the…

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ODS Video: Making Large-scale Data Centre Deployment Easy With MAAS

By Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 30 July 2015

Why has cloud computing been so successful? Arguably, it’s the 70s-style pay-as-you-go model of computing that allows companies a low-cost way to build a cloud from zero. More importantly, it’s how the cloud solves the problem…

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Canonical Cloud Chatter: April 2015 Newsletter

By Canonical on 12 May 2015

This April saw our new release, Ubuntu 15.04! We also have some great webinars, training courses and product announcements to tell you about and some exciting partner ecosystem news for you. Meanwhile, we’re getting ready for OpenStack…

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New Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals training sessions available

By Cezzaine Zaher on 20 February 2015

Coming up: training course in Utrecht, Netherlands We are pleased to announce availability of the Ubuntu OpenStack Fundamentals Training programme – designed for companies that have decided to use OpenStack, the world’s most powerful…

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The Ubuntu OpenStack Training Programme

By Canonical on 3 October 2014

More training options have been a long-standing request by our customers. Following the on-site, 2-week course we offer as part of our consulting and support portfolio, and Jumpstart Training which includes a 2-day course by Canonical…


Ubuntu enables advanced computer research into killer diseases

By Canonical on 30 September 2010

Delivering training courses to researchers in developing countries – Ubuntu was the first choice for The Wellcome Trust Sangar Institute. Background The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is a charity at the forefront of research into…


Obsidian to provide official Ubuntu Linux training in South Africa

By Canonical on 8 February 2008

Obsidian has partnered with Canonical to provide certified Ubuntu training in South Africa. Obsidian has announced that it will soon commence official training for the 'Ubuntu Certified Professional' programme. Obsidian has…


Canonical and Altkom Akademia partner to deliver Ubuntu Certified Professional training in Poland

By Canonical on 3 August 2007

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced it has signed an agreement with Altkom Akademia to deliver 'Ubuntu Certified Professional' (UCP) training in Poland. Altkom will deliver official courses in Warsaw…


Canonical and TraiCen Computer Training & Consulting partner in German

By Canonical on 17 May 2007

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced it has signed an agreement with TraiCen Computer Training & Consulting to deliver ‘Ubuntu Certified Professional’ (UCP) training in Germany. TraiCen will…


Canonical and Savoir-Faire Linux training partnership

By Canonical on 1 May 2007

Canonical Ltd, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, today announced it has signed an agreement with Savoir-Faire to deliver 'Ubuntu Certified Professional' (UCP) training in Canada. Savoir-Faire will deliver official courses in…