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When it comes to scale, size doesn’t matter

By Mark Baker on 2 August 2013

This is the first in a series of articles about the best ways to manage scale out workloads. Scale. We hear a lot about managing scale being one of the key challenges in a world where numbers can grow very large very fast. Whether it’s…

Cloud and server

Canonical and Autonomic Resources partner to bring Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud to the US federal government

By Canonical on 12 June 2013

Canonical and Autonomic Resources today announced the availability of an integrated product based on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Dell Blade server hardware under the ARC-P cloud product family. ARC-P-UEC is now available for purchase…

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Cyberport offers innovative cloud-based services for Hong Kong’s technology entrepreneurs

By Canonical on 21 May 2013

OpenStack and Ubuntu provide secure, cost-effective cloud infrastructure Summary To give local start-ups and entrepreneurs access to infrastructure and services on demand, Hong Kong’s digital community Cyberport built a new, open-source…

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Enterprise cloud computing with Ubuntu on Windows Azure

By Canonical on 16 April 2013

The emergence of public cloud computing has changed the IT landscape for developers and enterprises, making it significantly easier and more cost effective to develop and deploy new applications, services and infrastructure. Enterprises…


What are the management factors in planning a migration from Windows to Ubuntu?

By Canonical on 7 January 2013

Best of our webinars – (From the Ubuntu: The Desktop of the Future webinar @ 29.25 min) ANSWER Large scale migrations from Windows to Linux desktop can be done well. But some very ambitious projects to move to an open source desktop…

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Top 10 questions about Ubuntu

By Canonical on 14 December 2012

It’s the end of the year, we met with lots of people from all around the world, at various conferences and events and wherever they were from and whatever their role in IT was, the same questions always seem to come back. So we…

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To prepare for the hybrid future, try OpenStack now

By nickbarcet on 12 December 2012

Nigel Beighton, International VP of Technology, Rackspace Cloud computing is changing everything we know. Immense mathematical problems like the sequencing of the human genome and the discovery of the Higgs Boson simply wouldn’t have…


How will consumerisation of personal devices affect the choice of OS?

By Canonical on 4 December 2012

Best of our webinars – (Relates to content in this webinar) Along with the cloud, one of the big trends in corporate IT in recent years is the consumerisation of personal computing. Telecoms contracts have made smartphones affordable…

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Six near-future scenarios

By Canonical on 21 November 2012

Cloud and server

Cloud computing: private, public or both?

By Kyle MacDonald on 14 November 2012

This article was published in Virtual Strategy magazine earlier this month. We think you’ll like it, so here it is. “A growing number of organisations worldwide are seeing the value of cloud computing as a way of increasing IT flexibility…

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Your questions answered: the best of our webinars Q&A

By Mark Baker on 12 November 2012

What protection is available against my organisation infringing another company’s intellectual property when we use open source software? (Question covered in the Ubuntu Cloud webinar) ANSWER The question is a serious one. Thousands…

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Do closed clouds slow down time to market?

By Mark Baker on 12 November 2012

Get close to the business. It is a maxim CIOs live by. It means understanding exactly what drives the organisation. In a downturn, everyone wants to cut costs, but in some businesses, this is not as important as other ambitions, such as…